Sample Seminar Titles

Exploding Light Bulbs: The Second Most Important Lesson in R&D Leadership

How to maintain a sense of urgency over a lengthy and complex development process.

Wire-Sawing Silicon Ingots: Knowing When and How to Pull the Plug on a Project

Not every project goes they way you want it to.  Should you kill it, change it, or keep it?  How do you make these difficult judgments?

Replacing Your Windows With Toilet Paper: The Most Important Lesson in R&D Leadership

How can you create a culture of bold innovation in your organization?

From Coal to Diamonds to Gold

Some of your biggest growth comes from projects that unexpectedly change direction.  Is it serendipity or by design? The answer is, "Both!"  Spiro shows how you can a create a culture that actively identifies step-out growth opportunities.

Silicone Rubber Keypads: Spiro's Rules of Th(d)umb For Successful New Product Introduction

A dozen obvious, and unexpected strategies to get to the market better and faster.

Keynote Address and Other Seminar Topics


  • Serendipity:  Looking for a needle in the haystack and finding the farmer’s daughter.
  • Diamond Precise® Electronically Ballasted MR16 Lamp:  Is invention  inspiration or a systematic process?
  • Managing your IP portfolio for today and tomorrow in a hostile, global place.
  • UltraXL®  Long Life Lamp: how difficulty may not correlate with impact.
  • Coal-Fired Gas Turbine:  how to win solving the wrong problem
  • Copper CMP Slurries:  where a bad call reverberates for years and years.
  • 3D Trasar ® For Water Treatment:  how to leverage competitive advantage.
  • CMP Pads:  How to work the Innovators Dilemma (C. Christensen) to your advantage.
  • Nascar Engine Treatment: How to be in the right place at the right time.
  • Continuous Processing of Liquid Silicones: The importance of knowing your customer.
  • Walk a Mile In My Shoes:  How to really learn and build political capital.
  • Improved Engine Gaskets and Boots: Where fixing one small problem has big time ramifications.
  • Six Sigma: Pro’s and Cons and Overview;  balancing rigor and speed.
  • Interviewing Workshop:  Identifying The Right Candidates For Your Technical and Leadership Opens.
  • Organizing Your Time For Results and Growth.
  • Career Planning For The  RD&E Employee.
  • Safety Cable Insulation:  Relying on a Bad Test  Leads to the Wrong Conclusions.
  • Tape Casting of Ceramic Chip Carriers:  Improved Measurement Systems Leads to a Breakthrough.
  • Stealth Bomber Recycling:  Making an Easy Problem Difficult.
  • CMP For Scalpels:  Where sometimes,  success Is worse than failure.
  • Persuasive Technical Presentation Styles For Technical and Non-Technical Audiences
  • Why,  When, and How to Globalize Your R&D.