What to Expect

Working with the CTO

As CTO,  you face an unending plethora of issues- innovation and product strategy, budget and planning, project portfolio and mix, cross-functional relationships, staffing and growing your leaders, working with the investment community,  influencing your board and CEO. 

Cliff Spiro will work with you one-on-one in confidence, to act as a safe sounding board as you face into these issues.  He will review your presentation materials and help you anticipate questions and concerns. 

Working With Your Directors and Managers

R&D Directors need technical expertise, people skills,   project execution and ultimately, to achieve results.  Cliff Spiro will meet with client R&D directors on a bimonthly basis, with ad hoc intervening discussions.  He will help you identify growth needs for yourself and your employees. He will help you track your accomplishments and benchmark with expectations. He will help you grow your capability, credibility, and influence. 

Working With High Potential Individual Contributors

Your technology stars need to know that the company is committed to their development and growth.  Nothing says, "You have a big future with us," quite like assigning them a coach and confidante,  whether their future is at the bench or in management.  A dedicated coach like Cliff Spiro is one of the most economical retention tools at your disposal. 

Working With Your Human Resource Department

Individuals in R&D are often quirky and present unique human resource challenges.  Cliff Spiro will work with your HR Department to ensure there is good alignment among your performance management, rewards and recognition,  talent growth and retention, and the intrinsic challenges of engagement and urgency in long-cycle innovation projects.  

Developing Your Entire R&D Team

Managers, High Potential Leaders, and R&D employees at all levels have a need to learn and grow. Spiro will tell engaging stories and vignettes, make timely presentations and lead practice sessions to enhance communications,  creativity,  project execution,  and successful commercialization. Special topics include strategies to manage time, improve interviewing, and commit to  lifelong learning.